Shire Green

Shire Green

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A juicy, strong cup of tea, grown in Malawi's Shire Highlands by Satemwa Estate, using traditional Japanese crafting methods. Green fragments.

A steamed green tea--crafted in the orthodox method on the same farm where the tea was grown at around 3,500' elevation. Wonderfully fragrant with subtle flavors. Steamed at 260F; with wood for the boiler sustainably grown and seasoned on the same farm.

Our collaborative social and environmental initiatives include support for two elementary schools, four rural hospitals (two with maternity units), soil restoration workshops, and the growing and distribution of 200,000 trees in the last four years alone. Immediate and long term solutions are absolutely vital.

We believe in full transparency and welcome you, your colleagues, clients, and family members on our industry trips to Africa. You'll meet farmers, walk the fields, and accompany experts in the cupping room and factory. Learn the art and science of crafting tea in the ancient Great Rift Valley.

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