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A highly unusual and unique tea. Cup has a clear pear color; complimented by generous  natural lychee and plumeria aromas. The flavor is light, floral, and sweet.

This tea is hand crafted with velvety "antlers" from finely plucked shoots. Steep it again and again, 5+ times. 

Offered by one farm on earth, Antlers break all the rules and are a story of curiosity.

While wandering across Satemwa, his tea and coffee farm, Alexander Cathcart Kay noted the an unexpected aroma in the air: apricots, and peaches. He plucked some tea leaves, took them home, and tried to craft a tea that would taste as delicious as the aroma in the field. Try as he might, making different types of tea with the plant from that field, he could not reproduce nor evoke the morning's mesmerizing scent.

After years of experimentation, enlightenment struck-- in his kitchen. While prepping tomatoes and pulling each fruit from the vine, he made the connection between the unmistakable fragrance of tomato vines and the complimentary aroma of garden-- and his mystery tea aroma. He returned to the tea field in question when he realized it was the stem that offered such flavor and not the leaves... and developed a secret method to craft Antlers.

Our collaborative social and environmental initiatives: 

Support for two elementary schools, four rural hospitals (two with maternity units), soil restoration workshops, and the growing and distribution of 200,000 trees in the last four years alone. Immediate and long term solutions are absolutely vital.

We believe in full transparency and welcome you, your colleagues, clients, and family members on our industry trips to Africa. You'll meet farmers, walk the fields, and accompany experts in the cupping room and factory. Learn the art and science of crafting tea in the ancient Great Rift Valley.


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