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Motivated by curiosity, innovation, and the reality of market demands, tea masters collaborate to craft white, green, oolong, black, and fermented teas from one versatile plant species, Camellia sinensis. Within its two varieties, sinensis and assamica, thousands of distinctive cultivars and processing methods exist.

Beyond Camellia sinensis teas, botanical infusions also delight in their complexities. We embrace a modern vernacular and refer to both as tea.

Drink Moyo is a Direct Trade importer. We sell 50 types of farm-packed teas and botanicals. Scroll down to view a selection of seasonal, garden direct teas. For wholesale pricing/MOQs, to discuss your "wish list," or potential tea needs, please contact us via email (, through the form below, or at 512-569-7998.

Lemon Verbena

With an alluring citrus-blossom aroma, this naturally caffeine-free tea has an intense and complex lemon taste. Grown by a community of indigenous farmers, our lemon verbena provides a wonderful introduction to herbal teas.

Bwana Grey

Quintessentially traditional, this earl grey tea delivers fragrant, smooth, and creamy flavors. Our secret combination of multiple cultivars rise with the addition of cold-pressed bergamot orange essential oil. This creates a black tea strong enough to carry you through the day and night.

Orchard Dawn

While strolling though his mountainside garden, a tea master immediately recognized the soft fruity aroma of peaches and apricots. Quite unusual, as neither grow in tropical Africa. For nearly a decade, he studied and experimented with the cultivar in this particular garden; finally discovering a method which reveals gentle and naturally occurring honey and nectarine notes. A delicate and decadent full leaf tea; we steep 4-5 times to encourage nuanced flavor development.

African Breakfast

Strong and fragrant, this black breakfast tea always reminds us of dawn on our remote farm in East Africa. Our African Breakfast is a classic, with boldness to drink at any time of day. Can be enjoyed on its own or with a drop of whole milk.

Spiced Solstice

Celebrate the sound of snow falling in a quiet forest while sipping this citrus spiced delight. Perfect for every day of the year, this robust black tea is joined by cloves and bits of orange rind. With a dark honey colored cup, Spiced Solstice is soothing, comforting, and delicious hot and iced.

Sweet Iced

With pronounced honey and floral notes, our white tea is delicately handcrafted to reveal cultivar and terrior. It is buttery, has a dark amber appearance in the cup, and is best prepared at a low boil. Always refreshing, a wonderful iced tea base.

Shire Green

A juicy, velvety cup of tea, with flavor notes of nectarines and peaches from a terraced Mediterranean garden. Grown on the slopes of a Shire Highlands mountain; crafted in Malawi using traditional Japanese methods. Dark green leaves, twisted and splintered with golden fragments. Delicate; joyful enjoyment between meals. We steep twice, encouraging gentle flavor development.

Moroccan Mint

Succulent and sweet, this tea awes in a glass teapot; as Shire Green tea unfurls beside delicate whole mint leaves. This tea combines traditional steamed green tea (utilizing Japanese methods) with spearmint grown by a community of indigenous, small-scale farmers. Fragrant minty intensity, perfect hot or iced. We steep twice, encouraging gentle flavor development.

Bright Citrus

Experience a soul restoring sense of lemon invigoration as natural citrus herbal flavors enliven our Shire Green steamed tea. With two ingredients, the twisted leaves of green tea and lemon verbena, you'll discover a surprising level of complexity. Steep twice at low temperatures to reveal a nuanced spring water fresh cup.

Glacial Dark

After visiting like-minded farmer friends in Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, India, and Japan, Satemwa's leadership returned home to create this delicious epiphany, Africa's first post-fermented dark tea. The darkest tea we offer, with remarkable sweet earthy chocolate notes notes revealed within a dark mahogany--nearly coffee-colored cup. Fresh spring forest flavor, soft, mild, with freshly tilled farmland.

Imperial Hibiscus

Through centuries, Central African Empires exchanged culinary culture with the world. With an African origin, hibiscus is naturally caffeine-free, with pinot noir color in a cup and flavor nearing that of fresh cranberries. Packed with vitamin C, this amazing tea is intensely refreshing and complimented well by ice, mint, and ginger on a hot day.

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